The Gemelli Gourmet Steak Grille

The Gemelli Home Gourmet Steak Grille

 Steakhouse quality steaks are just minutes away with the Gemelli Gourmet Steak Grille. It features an infrared superheating element that reaches 1560ºF in just 5 minutes! And, instead of convection cooking which can dry out your steak, the infrared heating sears and caramelizes the steak while keeping the inside juicy. This is called the Maillard Effect and is what steakhouses have been using for years! 

Need another reason to love the Gemelli Gourmet Steak Grille? Its single dial sets both the temperature and time. The included manual features a helpful guide of cooking times and temps for common foods along with 11 exclusive Gemelli recipes. 

The Gemelli Gourmet Steak Grille is designed to be used indoors and requires no propane. The unit is completely electric powered and features a cool-touch exterior. The exterior housing will not heat up during use and the unit is safe to use on all counter surfaces. 

From perfectly seared steaks and broiled fish to delicious veggies, the Gemelli Gourmet Steak Grille is the perfect option for anyone with a passion for food! 

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Product Features

Infrared Superheating

The high heat ensures a perfect sear and carmelized finish while keeping the inside of your meat juicy. 

Grill More

The Gourmet Steak Grille is great for more than just steak. Make delicious fish, chicken, lamb, veggies and more in just minutes. 

Completely Electric

No propane needed - this steak grille is fully electric and made for indoor use. 

Cool Touch Exterior

Designed with safety in mind, the grille has a a cool-touch exterior so it’s safe to use in your kitchen. 

Easy to Use

The simple dial controls the temperature and time which are clearly displayed on the easy-to-read LED screen. 

Visible Cooking

The open front design allows you to closely monitor your food so that everything is cooked perfectly.


All removable elements are dishwasher safe and the interior wipes clean with a wet cloth once cool. 

Fully Accessorized

The Gemelli Gourmet Steak Grille comes fully accessorized with everything you need. 

Hottest on the Market

No other available grill reaches temperatures of 1560ºF. The high temperature allows quick and even cooking.