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The Gemelli Twin Oven

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The Gemelli Twin Oven

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The Gemelli Twin Oven

The Gemelli Twin Oven

The First and Only - Convection Oven with Built-In Pizza Drawer and Rotisserie

The Gemelli Twin Oven takes the everyday functionality of a professional grade countertop convection oven and adds a rotisserie feature - for healthy cooking; along with the convenience of a separate lower oven, with built-in pizza drawer - for fast meal preparation.

The main oven features a combination of infrared and 4 quartz heating elements to provide fast and optimum temperatures (up to 450º) for cooking and baking. Plus, the rotisserie feature allows you to cook a variety of healthy and flavorful meats (up to 5-6 lbs evenly) while unwanted fats drip away. The bottom oven is specially designed for cooking 12" pizzas, quesadillas, toasting bread, bagels, frozen snacks and more... without the need for an extra sheet pan.

The simple knob controls, timer, non-stick coating, and elegant stainless steel finish -
Makes the Gemelli Twin Oven easy to use, easy to maintain, and durable enough to last for years to come.

Product Features

Built-In Pizza Drawer

The separate lower oven, with built-in pizza drawer, allows you to cook your favorite 12” pizza, frozen snacks, toast bread, bagels, and more... without the need for an extra sheet pan.

Rotisserie Ready

The removable rotisserie set allows you to cook a variety of healthy and flavorful meats (up to 5-6 lbs evenly), while unwanted fats drip away.

Multi-Functional Cooking

3 rack positions + 8 cooking functions (choose from: Bake, Convection Bake, Slow Cook, Convection Roast, Broil, Rotisserie, Defrost, and Keep Warm functionality).


The simplicity of our stainless steel knob design, makes this oven intuitive and easy to operate.

Faster Cooking

No need to preheat: Cooks food 30% faster than standard conventional toaster ovens in the market.


Stone-gray non-stick coating makes the interior of this oven easy to clean.

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Gemelli on The Talk

As Featured On "The Talk"

June 7, 2019 - Season 9, Episode 180

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The Gemelli Twin Oven


• Gemelli Twin Oven
• Pizza Drawer
• Chrome Grill Rack
• Rack Removal Tool
• Easy-Clean Enamel Bake Pan
• Easy-Clean Broil Grill
• Easy-Clean Universal Rotisserie-Bake Drip Pan
5-pc Chrome Rotisserie Spit Rod & Fork Set
• Galvanized Slide-out Crumb Tray (top oven)
• Galvanized Pull-Out Crumb Tray (bottom pizza oven)
• Instruction Manual
• Manufacturer's 2-Year Product Warranty

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From Our Family To Yours.

Download our Family's favorite recipes using the Gemelli Twin Convection Oven. Manga Biene!



Love, Love, Love the Pizza Cooking Drawer! Now I can make Pizza better than what I can order.

Brian S.

This oven does it all! Love the ability to make delicious rotisserie chicken, inside the comfort of my home.

Kyle Z.

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