The Gemelli Home Artisan Bread Maker

Come home or wake up to warm, bakery fresh bread every day with Gemelli’s Artisan Bread Maker. This all-in-one bread machine makes baking a breeze. Simply add your dry and wet ingredients, before topping with yeast, and choose one of 21 functions from the digital display. Set your preferences, like loaf size and crust color, before starting the machine. In just a few hours, you’ll have delicious bread perfect for sandwiches, sides and more!

Need to add fruits or nuts to your loaves? The Gemelli Bread Maker features a Fruit and Nut Dispenser that automatically adds the inclusions at the perfect time during the process. And, to make it even easier to monitor the baking process without opening the lid, Gemelli included a viewing window so you can quickly check on your bread. 

Gemelli understands that healthy eating is important, which is why the Artisan Bread Maker includes options for Low Sugar Bread and Whole Wheat Bread. In addition, the Gluten Free and Vegan Bread options are great for those with dietary restrictions. 

But bread isn’t all you can make with Gemelli; you’ll also find recipes and settings for yogurt, jam, kimchi, pasta, pizza dough and more. As always, Gemelli is bringing simplicity and sophistication to those with a passion for food!

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Product Features

21 Baking Settings

Twenty-one various functions allow you to make everything from classic breads to yogurt, kimchi and more.

Healthy Options

Focused on healthy options, the Gemelli Bread Maker offers low sugar, vegan, and gluten free baking settings along with other recipes. 

Digital Display

The Gemelli Artisan Bread Maker's digital LCD display makes it easy to see and understand your baking options. 

Viewing Window

Easily monitor your recipes through the viewing window on the top of the unit. You can check on your bread without releasing any heat.

Bread Customization

No matter how you like your bread the Gemelli Bread Maker can accomodate. With light, medium and dark crust colors plus 3 different loaf sizes, your bread is perfect every time.

Fruit & Nut Dispenser

Add fruits, nuts, raisins and more to your breads with the automatic dispenser drawer that adds them at the perfect time during the baking process.

Fully Accessorized

The Gemelli Artisan Bread Maker includes a kneading paddle, paddle hook, liquid measuring cup, measuring spoon, and 22 tried and tested recipes. 

Non-Stick Pan

The Gemelli removable bread pan is die-cast non-stick so your bread slides right out without leaving a mess.

Sleek Stainless Steel

The sleek stainless steel design is beautiful in any kitchen and thanks to its compact size, the Gemelli Bread Maker is easy to store on your counter under the cabinets.